Category: Trust

  • Giving of His Word

    Giving of His Word

    It really takes a lot of faith to take someone at their word unless you really know them well. Yes, people are fallible, but God is not. He promised Abraham what seemed like the impossible. But he knew God and contrary to hope, in hope he believed.

  • Is Anything Too Hard For The LORD?

    Is Anything Too Hard For The LORD?

    I left all those hopes and dreams in the cemetery and considered it dead, but then He birthed new plans for my life.

  • Yep, Still Zero

    Yep, Still Zero

    We can’t just add Jesus to our lives and expect a harvest. Some people have done that, and He moved for them, but imagine if they just didn’t add Him, but gave Him their…

  • Warriors Or Worriers?

    Warriors Or Worriers?

    When we focus on the One who solves problems and not on the problems, things work out.