Is Anything Too Hard For The LORD?

And the LORD said to Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh, saying, ‘Shall I surely bear a child, since I am old?’ Is anything too hard for the LORD? …” Genesis 18:13-14 NKJV

   Abraham and Sarah were in their golden years. Well advanced in age. The time of childbearing had long past and was a closed chapter in their lives. That book had been on the shelf for decades and dust-covered by now. But “Then the LORD appeared to him…” This should have been clue number two (yes, not one) that something miraculous was about to happen. The Lord just doesn’t appear all the time in person. But remember in the chapter before (Gen. 17), that God “appeared” to Abraham that he was going to have a son by Sarah. This was clue number one. Really shouldn’t need any other convincing after God speaks to you directly twice, but Abraham must have thought God forgot about their situation being dead. He thought maybe God had mistaken him for someone else. He laughed. Sarah laughed too. They had already buried their heart’s desire but God spoke – the Lord showed up – and life arose.

   Now I don’t have any personal, physical, Lord-appeared-to-me visitations, but there have been many times when a dead situation gave birth in my life and I knew it was the Lord’s doing. Like when we lived in Kentucky in a dead housing market, yet our house still sold. The numerous times we had more month than we had money, and yet the Lord supplied all our needs. And the one I cherish the most is when I thought God was done using me in ministry. I had no prospects. I mourned for a long time and finally got the strength to carry on. I left all those hopes and dreams in the cemetery and considered it dead, but then He birthed new plans for my life.

  So the Lord asked if there was anything too hard for Him? We all know the answer, but laugh when we think about it. We laugh because we think we are not worthy of His involvement. Laugh because we think that He would never do for us what He has done for others. Laugh because we buried our dream a long time ago and have even watched the seasons put a deep patina on the tombstone. A lot of us have been like Sarah and laughed. Then denied that we laughed. I have laughed sometimes to cover up my true feelings, and maybe like Sarah, I was afraid of believing for something really strong with tremendous fear of being let down. I’m just being transparent here. It’s part of growing as a Christian. The disciples were far from perfect, and still had issues of believing that nothing was too hard for Jesus. Even after walking with Him for over 3 years, witnessing numerous miracles, and seeing the empty grave, they had doubts of His power.

   We all struggle with doubt and laugh within ourselves, but it doesn’t change the fact that NOTHING is too hard for Him. Maybe instead of the Lord asking “is anything too hard for the Lord”?, He should be asking “is everything too hard for you to believe”? My prayer has always been like the father wanting Jesus to heal his child, “Lord. I believe, help my unbelief!” (Mk.9:24) As we journey together lets repeat, almost as a chant in the background of our lives and deep into our spirits, Nothing is too hard for the Lord! Nothing is too hard for the Lord!…..

Elder Steve Smith

One response to “Is Anything Too Hard For The LORD?”

  1. I think we often miss those times when He supplies something from nothing! We fail to recognize His hand in the situation. You saw Him in the selling of your house in a slow market – so many would not see God in that.

    Prov 3:6a says “In all your ways acknowledge Him “. When we do that, we can see God making something out of nothing much more often.

    Great post, Steve. Open our eyes, Lord

    Be blessed

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