Hurri the Baby Hawk

   We just survived Hurricane Irma and lost power for 4, almost 5 very long days and spent most of the time outside because of the 90 degree weather. On one of the days our Dobermans was taking interest to something in the fence, and when I went over to investigate, I saw a little bird sticking it’s head out between the pickets. I managed to pull the slats far enough apart to grab this bird, but it almost seemed to jump into my hand like it knew I was there to help. The first thing I noticed was the incredibly big feet and beak, and realized it was a hawk by the markings. We thought maybe it’s mom would be looking for it, so I took it over to the empty yard next door and left the little guy over there with hopes that she would soon be by.

   The next day I got up and looked over in the yard to see if it was still there but never saw it. So I just went about my non-electric day by spending time in the back yard when I looked through the house to the front door and saw something. To my amazement it was the baby hawk. What a journey it made and how did it find our front door? So I scooped him up in my hands and he seemed glad to see me. That day we tried to find a refuge to take him to and it seemed every effort was a dead-end. It seemed power was out most everywhere, so we got it some food and tried to feed it. All we could get him to eat was one worm and he drank a little water, but it was obvious that he needed his mom or professional help to survive. I named him Hurri (from hurricane) because I didn’t like the name Irma from the destruction that was caused. The next morning we checked on him and we could tell that death was near, by the way his head was hanging over, and his wings weren’t neatly tucked up as before. We tried again to feed him but could tell he was giving up.

   By this time there seemed to be almost an attachment because he was always glad to see us and hold him. I thought then that he came back over to our house because he didn’t want to die alone. Maybe there were some internal injuries from the hurricane we weren’t aware of? We stayed with him as much as we could that day until he passed, and not even 5 minutes went by and we heard momma hawk squawking overhead around our yard. Maybe the hurricane blew her away and she got lost and just found her way back? Maybe she was saying thank you for caring for her baby? We’ll never know, but I do know this. Hurri the baby hawk was loved and didn’t die alone.

As I look back at the chain of events I can see everything coming together perfectly.

  • No power, so we were outside.
  • Hurri was stuck in our fence, not someone else’s.
  • Our dogs found him.
  • I helped him out of the fence.
  • Placed him so he could be found by his mom.
  • He almost miraculously finds us again.
  • The front door was open that normally wouldn’t be because no power, so I saw him.
  • Hurri trusts us to love him.
  • He passes but didn’t die alone.
  • Almost immediately momma hawk flies over.

   If a little baby bird is so important to God to perfectly time all these chain of events, we are most assuredly of value too. Luke 12:7 says “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows”. There is a song that says “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me”. Not only does He watch us, but times events to happen for our good. I could probably write a book on the times God sequenced miracles in my life, but that would be a major undertaking of it’s own.

   I prayed for the meaning of Hurri in our lives for this brief time, and I could have easily just forgot about it all, but I now know God used it to show me that He’s got me. I am in His hands. I am not alone. He nurtures me. All things are working together for the good. I might fall out of the nest and get blown around by a storm, but He cares enough to guide help and love to me. And I definitely know He cares just as much for you.  

Elder Steve Smith

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