The Saturday In-Between

   I don’t know why, but every year it seems like I reflect more and more on what I call “In-Between Saturday”. It falls of course, in-between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. It’s was the day the disciples thought that all hope was gone. The day they mourned a tremendous loss. The day they struggled with questions about the future. Questions with their faith. Maybe even questions about the past and what their walk with Jesus even meant? They were struggling with what Jesus taught them and with the reality that He was dead. To them, their dreams were severed. The world as they knew it was crushed beyond repair.

   So many of us has or had dreams God has given us that seemed to be terminated in one way or another, and we have even forgotten who actually placed the dreams in us. We didn’t just come up with them on our own, God gave them to us. I’m starting to lose count how many times roadblocks have gone up in my journeys, only to see the hand of God remove them after construction was over. If He promised, He will deliver! If your dream is dead, it will be resurrected! Don’t look at the grave site, but at the promise that’s ready to come out! God doesn’t change His mind and say “ooops”. He fulfills! Don’t mourn a loss, anticipate the resurrection! Saturday will soon be Sunday!

Elder Steve Smith

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