Don’t Put Down The Flyswatter.

Fly bugging me – pick up the flyswatter.

Fly disappears – put down the flyswatter.

Fly reappears – pick it back up.

Now where’d it go? – put it down.


  Why does it seem that the fly knows when to hide and when our defenses are down? Did the fly go to some kind of self-defense school? No. It is its nature. It senses an attack and reacts. The same with the devil, our enemy. It is his nature to bug us and distract us from living a peaceful life and to run and hide when we pull out a weapon of destruction. But somehow he figures out when we are most susceptible to his bites. It’s when we set our weapon down.

  The builders of the wall in the Book of Nehemiah Chapter 4 had a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other. They had a mind to work but also protected themselves from attacks. Our weapons today are not carnal, but in our language, demeanor, and the power of the Holy Ghost inside of us. Casting down the ungodly things (2Cor. 10:4). When the enemy buzzes around us we should sing praises and remind him of the Word of God that’s alive in our lives.

Enemy buzzing lies in our ear – “Greater is He that’s in me than he that in the world”.

The enemy comes back and says, “you are not of worth” – “I am a child of the Risen King”….

Get it? We are never to put down our flyswatters.

Elder Steve Smith

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