Lessons From Buddy

   We can learn a lot from our pets. Especially dogs. More precisely, Doberman Pinschers. (I’m trying not be be biased here. Well, actually I am lol). First of all, they are loving – even though they may look mean and scary on the outside, they love without prejudice. They don’t care if our hair is messed up, what we have on, what kind of mood we are in… they just want to be around us. When they see us, even if we just left the house for a few minutes, as soon as we come back to them, they are super excited to see us and show us love.


   Secondly, they are forgiving and don’t hold grudges – we could be having a bad day and not want to be bothered, but they don’t care. They don’t get offended if we don’t give them attention for a while. If we don’t give them a treat, they don’t storm out the room and ignore us for a week. No, the second we show interest in them, they are right there with us just as happy as can be like nothing ever happened. 

Buddy and Anna

    Yesterday, we celebrated Buddy’s 11th Birthday, A.K.A. Bud-Day to those that know him. When we were choosing a puppy, he was the only one that kissed me on the chin, so I always say he chose us. He’s been having health issues most of his adult life but he’s still as loving as can be. He is a walking miracle. About five years ago, he was having an episode where he would just plop down wherever he was, and be motionless for a while. This time was different and I knew it. So I started praying like I always did. He was laying on my lap, and I was a crying mess, and he breathed out and never inhaled. I thought he was gone. I kept waiting for the inhale and nothing. I told God to take him now if it was His will, so that he wouldn’t have to suffer through life. Then I heard God say in an inaudible voice that spoke loud into my spirit, “Eleven!”.


   For 11 years now, Buddy has shown me how we should love God even more than we do, and that it’s possible too. He’s taught me that:

  • We should never be fearful to approach Him, especially as busy as we may think He is – maybe He’ll show us some favoritism for the extra effort and give us a treat. 
  • He loves us no matter what kind of mess we’ve been dragging around. He loves us ALL the time.
  • His desire is for us to get excited with His presence in our lives, wag our imaginative tails, follow Him around everywhere, and to give Him love, love, love.
  • Even when things don’t go the way we think they should, we should not hold a grudge and shun Him away, just trust and love Him unconditionally. He forgives us, and sometimes it’s more than we deserve.
  • When we are with Him, all the discomforts of life just seem insignificant and we feel a thousand times better and complete than when we are apart.

Elder Steve Smith

IMG_3483 (2)
Buddy and me on his God-promised 11th Birthday

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