Strength and Peace

  Strength is something that can be achieved by either constant encouragement, or by people helping out and supporting us when we feel frail. Regardless, there is an external source trying to strengthen us and keep us strong. It is almost futile, with quick draining results.

  Also, peace for some of us can only be found by absence of conflict, meditation, medication, substances, or by everything going seemingly perfect in our lives. But we all know that if we succeed in anything that resembles peace by those means, it is only short lived and then chaos returns.

  In Psalm 29:11 it says, “The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace”. The Word here tells us that it’s the LORD that gives strength and peace. Not man or his devices. Strength comes from within us because God’s Spirit is in us. When the Lord’s people have extinguished all that we got, we can seek Him for strength, and get it! And when life’s storms are raging around us, we can find peace in the midst, because He blesses His people with peace. You see, we that know the Lord know these Truths. But sometimes need a reminder.

Elder Steve Smith

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