Swimming With God

  We can never know if we can swim until we actually get into the water. The same thing in our walk with the Lord. We can never figure out if we can do what God has called us to do until we actually try.

   I once volunteered to help out at a Salvation Army Christmas meal with great apprehension, but once I got there and started to get involved, I really enjoyed the experience. It almost seemed natural to me later into the day, and I started interacting with compassion, and not just working because I felt like I had to.

   I still cherish what started in me that day and probably would have never known the joy of serving until I actually did it. If I would have listened to myself instead of Him; I would have never gotten my feet wet, jumped all the way in, and moved my arms and legs and swam.

   If God has called you to do something or be something (and more than likely He has), and in your mind you say “no way” or “how?”, remember, God won’t let you drown. Swimming will never be achieved without launching into a body of water. And that body of water is God’s will for your life.

Elder Steve Smith

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  1. I love you comment about how “would have never known the joy of serving until I actually did it. ” The greatest joy is often found in serving others and usually surprises us. Thank you for sharing your experience!

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