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  • To Whom Shall We Go?

    To Whom Shall We Go?

    Jesus has a lot more to offer beyond fulfilling our physical needs. He offers the bread of eternal life which is something we can never obtain on our own. The joy and the peace that the world cannot offer is ours.

  • Be the Storm!

    Be the Storm!

    The devil is doing his best to divide, conquer, and scatter the church and this nation. But we have the discernment God gives us to turn this storm around. And more importantly, we have the authority and power in Jesus to get the job done. There is no time for devil drama…

  • Hurt, Yet Being Held.

    Hurt, Yet Being Held.

    We are not there all alone. God is with us and surrounding us. Holding us. We may or may not feel it, but He is.

  • Compassion at Max Level

    Compassion at Max Level

    Everybody has this gift to a degree but some have it at max level. They can feel when others are suffering and will go out of their way to try to meet the needs.

  • Giving of His Word

    Giving of His Word

    It really takes a lot of faith to take someone at their word unless you really know them well. Yes, people are fallible, but God is not. He promised Abraham what seemed like the impossible. But he knew God and contrary to hope, in hope he believed.

  • The Greatest Outpouring of His Spirit

    The Greatest Outpouring of His Spirit

    What if God has another outpouring of His Spirit that He is ready to manifest, that is far greater than anything we have ever seen or heard?

  • Feeling the Breeze

    Feeling the Breeze

    We hurry towards what we see in front of us, yet God wants us to slow down long enough so He can send the breeze.

  • Godliness With Contentment is Great Gain!

    Godliness With Contentment is Great Gain!

    There is so much more that we can partake of from God that He blesses us with that nothing in this world compares to.

  • He Presents Us Faultless

    He Presents Us Faultless

    Some people will forgive us but will constantly remind us of the offense we have caused, but not God.

  • Wisdom – Is Not Classified Information

    Wisdom – Is Not Classified Information

    There comes a point in our life when we realize that God never meant for us to do this on our own. In our own strength. With our limited knowledge and wisdom, but through His wisdom.

  • Contrasts In God

    Contrasts In God

    The only true way to appreciate anything is to have a contrasting (strikingly different) view about it.

  • The Director Of Steps

    The Director Of Steps

    He loved us enough to let us make our own choices and stayed with us through them anyway… but when we finally arrived… No closure… No happiness… No peace. Why?