Category: Guidance

  • Wisdom – Is Not Classified Information

    Wisdom – Is Not Classified Information

    There comes a point in our life when we realize that God never meant for us to do this on our own. In our own strength. With our limited knowledge and wisdom, but through His wisdom.

  • The Director Of Steps

    The Director Of Steps

    He loved us enough to let us make our own choices and stayed with us through them anyway… but when we finally arrived… No closure… No happiness… No peace. Why?

  • Spiritual Starvation

    Spiritual Starvation

    As I was praying the other day these words came out of my mouth and I had to stop the prayer right there and write this down. It was like this came out of nowhere, but it was the Spirit speaking.

  • The Path Of Life

    The Path Of Life

    I sometimes think about if I would have stayed where I was, but I am in awe of where this path has led me to.